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The Art & Science of Recruitment

With our combined 30 year’s experience of recruiting, we are well placed to meet your needs. Our approach at Exige International is grounded in what we call “The Art & Science of Recruitment”.

The Science of Recruitment

So what is the “Science of Recruitment”? In general terms, the scientific aspect of Recruitment is the utilisation of HR Data and statistical methods to predict and improve the recruitment process. For Exige International, it shapes and forms the search process undertaken on a day to day basis. It offers order, clarity, and predictability to a highly complex and emotional human process.

We have extensive experience in planning and influencing recruitment processes. Using our proprietary statistical algorithm, we can identify key areas of strength and weakness in any vacancy. We can accurately predict a vacancy’s likelihood of success and provide calculated solutions to increase the probability of finding the right candidate. Using the information this provides, we conduct comprehensive market research to improve the vacancies position within the market.

The ability to strategically plan the job search process can save our clients a significant amount of time and money, by having access to an efficient analysis of the specification and the market and tailoring your vacancy to get the right results.

The Art of Recruitment

We cannot forget the value of the Art of Recruitment; we should, more than ever, be sensitive to real human interaction. With the expansion of social professional networks, and the bombardment of data and communications in our daily life, it is easy to forget that real human relationships are at the core of everything we do.

A large part of what makes us unique specialists is our dedication to developing a good line of communication with our clients and our candidates. All our consultants have developed and honed their communication skills to better aid the recruitment process.

Also, we pride ourselves on maintaining an organic and active network, by building solid and longstanding relationships within the market. We can then utilise our experienced connections to refer us to excellent potential candidates; this means we can find the right individual quickly and efficiently.

Working together

By using our scientific approach combined with our extensive dedicated networking and communication skills we can provide well-rounded and effective recruitment services. It is only by combining these two skills that we can truly excel and operate as an effective recruitment partner.