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Case Studies

We have found that case studies can not only show our range of experience but also demonstrate our systematic and flexible process. Please read below to find out how “The Art & Science of Recruitment” has helped others;

Prediction & Probability

IT Strategy Internal Consultant – Swiss-based Insurance Company – Zurich

At Exige International, all of our processes are grounded in a structured and scientific foundation. In this particular search, we were seeking Internal Consultants specialising in IT Strategy with a financial services background for one of our largest insurance clients. The team was seeking to expand and build upon the expertise of the existing team by adding those with an IT strategy specialism.

When processed through our proprietary statistical model, this vacancy had a high percentage of success because of the following factors;

  • The role was in-line with the market in terms of Salary, Years of Experience, Years in Function, and Education
  • The role was particularly appealing because of Location, Reduced Travel and Client Reputation
  • The process was pretty quick with feedback directly from the line managers
  • Exige had an existing network within the sector, function and location

We successfully placed 4 candidates within the team.

The 10% Rule

Strategy Manager – International Insurance Firm – London

In our recruitment processes we often refer to a “10% Rule”; statistically, at Exige, we have found that you need to go through a 100 person long-list and a 10 person short-list in order to get a single placement. Often this can change based on market size, client expectations and role, to name a few, however, generally speaking we have found this to be true. This role was a clear example of this.

Our client was seeking 2 additions to the Strategy department to support “C” suite executives and senior business unit heads in formulating innovative national and international growth strategies. We provided a comprehensive and detailed search process; utilising our excellent network and prior knowledge of working with Strategy teams. Working from a list of 200 possible individuals, we effectively narrowed down a shortlist of 20 from which the 2 successful candidates were finally chosen.

When Long-lists are Short

Industry & Services Audit Director – Big Four Audit Firm – Switzerland

Our client, one of the Big Four Audit Firms, was seeking and Director in Audit for the Industry & Services space, to be based in Switzerland. This person needed to be a Swiss certified Auditor, with 10+ years of experience working with Industry & Service clients, experience in a Big Four environment, and an established Swiss network.

We constructed a comprehensive list of those people within the market that fit within the criteria specified. As this was a narrow market, our list reached a total of 40 people. Typically, we would expect 10% to make it to our shortlist, in this case, we submitted only two candidates as they were the only two to meet our standards. We then guided our client and our candidates through the interview process, providing advice, support and logistical assistance throughout.

Both candidates were hired – one in Zurich and one in Geneva

The Art of the Referral

European Financial Controller – Global Insurance Group – Zurich

We have been working with this client for several years, one of the world’s Leading Insurance Groups, and this role came to our attention because of an internal referral to the hiring manager. The hiring manager needed a European Financial Controller to join the Group Reporting & Policies department of this Insurance Group.

The successful candidate for this role was an experience controller with knowledge of IFRS and Solvency II and had worked in Insurance for over 10 years, and was also someone who had be referred to us by our network. This great placement only shows the power of having real human connections with the people in your network.

A New Market

Oil & Gas Audit Director – Big Four Audit Firm – Zug, Switzerland

Although we are quite familiar with the Big Four Audit Firms, this Audit Director in Oil & Gas was somewhat of a new experience for us, primarily because we had the opportunity to work with specialists in geographies which we had only briefly worked in before.

Out of the 122 candidates on our longlist, 12% were in Australia and 11% were in Canada. Logistically, this could be very difficult when it came to time zones and interview coordination, which made it an exciting challenge and a great opportunity for growth. When the successful candidate was found, we also assisted with obtaining a VISA and relocation.