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banner-strip-targetA large part of what makes us unique specialists is our dedication to developing a good line of communication with our clients and our candidates. All our consultants have developed and honed their communication skills to better aid the recruitment process.


EXPERIENCE - efficiency through experience

Practice on the field

True efficiency comes from continuous practice. In the 15 years since Exige International’s establishment, we have built a resounding knowledge of the Financial Services industry and the Search and Selection process. When you partner with Exige International you benefit from all of our past experience and knowledge; our countless hours developing and honing our skills in communication. As a professional athlete develops their aptitude through specific and systematic practice, we improve our skills by continuously building upon and excising our abilities. As Malcolm Gladwell suggests in his book, “Outliers”, you have to invest 10,000 hours of time into becoming an expert; talent is a start and the key to developing talent is practice.

Does your current agency believe in taking references? Are they asking the right questions? Our consultants have refined their questioning skills so we can successfully use the right tools at the right time. We have prior knowledge of many roles within the sector, so we know the right questions to ask when finding the best candidate for you; we utilise our extensive experience to pin-point your ideal candidate. We are also well-versed in providing advice and recommendations when vacancies are particularly difficult to place; we can offer alternatives and suggestions that you may have discounted or not considered.


FOCUS - not just hitting a target, hitting the right target

We focus on the individual needs of your vacancy and only submit the candidates that fit

How many CVs that you see hit the mark? Throughout the recruitment practice, industry standard it that one in ten applications will be successful; here at Exige International we endeavour for one in five. By narrowing down the most significant qualities required for a vacancy, we can effectively select the best candidates for the role; this is essential as it saves valuable time submitting inappropriate applications.

We efficiently develop a concise and accurate job specification, highlighting the most crucial requirements, saving later confusion. By developing a great line of communication with our clients we can ensure that we are not blindly submitting applications, we are continuing to save time and effort by accurately and efficiently hitting the right target.

We do not accept mediocrity and we do not expect you to; we don’t just want a target, we want the right target.


INFORMED - the information loop: the dynamics of communication

Through regular discussion with our clients, we stay informed of a vacancy’s progression. We offer bespoke services to aid the process

How often do you speak with your agency? How detailed are your conversations? At Exige International, we start as we mean to go on by communicating in an open and constructive manner with our clients, from the offset. As vacancies can often be a moving target, evolving and changing over time, it is important that everyone is kept in the loop and on target during the process. Communication is so vital to us that we aim to return all enquiries within one working day.

Information Loop

Actions speak louder than words so we offer our clients a variety of tailored solutions to aid the recruitment process. We offer bespoke job specifications and customised pre-interview questionnaires to all of our clients.

At Exige International, our commitment to communicating regularly with our clients allows us to quickly identify changes that may occur and pro-actively provide solutions. We are happy to revisit and rewrite job descriptions as the vacancy moves on and to alter our search plans to suit your needs.
We format all CVs in-house to ensure that they are refined and clear, and they best show the candidate’s experience. Not only does this allow you to locate the most relevant information quickly, it is also easier to compare and contrast candidates.

Exige International personally guides each candidate in their preparation for interviews; providing the benefit of our experience and knowledge. Our bespoke preparation documents are sent to every candidate, prior to their interview so they are able to put their best foot forward on the day.

Communication is important to us; regular communication not only keeps everyone informed but also helps us to better understand our clients’ needs. Taking the time to immediately follow up and get feedback from both candidate and client after each stage is important so that we can effectively assess the next steps.