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Racing imageOur tried-and-true recruitment process promises to deliver the best candidate, quickly. Starting with a long-list of 100 specialists we systematically screen out in appropriate choices until we have found the ideal candidates; we then professionally present each profile.



STRUCTURED - setting the field

We have a methodical process for selecting the best candidates

Our consultants follow a structured and methodical approach to the selection process. Using our network, headhunting techniques and/or advertising, we careful construct a long-list of potential candidates before systematically screening each candidate.

By setting the field in a clear and organised manner we can accurately assess which individuals are most suited to each position by determining the requirements of the vacancy and our experience of the marketplace.

INTELLIGENT - studying the form

We employ intelligent screening processes to select the best candidates

The screening process is a crucial part of the selection process. Using our established background, market knowledge and our understanding of your needs, we have the skills necessary to assess each candidate’s potential. Looking at their past experience, sector knowledge and education, we study the form, interview them thoroughly and make a decision on their suitablility.

Once we have established the most suitable and best candidates, these are placed on our short list and submitted to you for review. It is important to note that we will continue searching for your ideal candidate even after the shortlist has been submitted, until we have found you the individual you need.

PRESENTATION - Backing the winner

We have the utmost confidence in each of our candidates so we professionally present each as though they were the only horse in the race

Our shortlists only contain candidates which we have the utmost confidence in, which is why, for every candidate we submit; we included a personal written cover letter from the consultant conducting the first screening.

We also like to discuss each shortlist with our client so we may personally introduce and present each candidate; describing their motivations, skills and why we believe they are the best person for the position. Once a shortlist has been presented, we are also happy to provide advice on which candidates we would prioritise.