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Our Approach – The Process

ClientsWe start our recruitment process starts by familiarising ourselves with all aspects of your organisation, including its corporate culture, business objectives and, of course, your specific candidate requirements. In an exploratory and collaborative interview with you, we zero in on the crucial aspects of the role and take a detailed vacancy description. Using this vacancy description, we develop an appealing and, if required, anonymised job description that will engage and retain excellent candidates.


Using our network, Executive Search and Selection methods and/or advertising, we locate the best candidates and screen out inappropriate choices; so you only see the best selection of candidates. Our shortlist is constructed of the most appropriate and quality candidates in the market; however, we do not stop the search process there. Once our first shortlist is submitted we continue searching for high quality candidates until you have the individual you need.


Logistically, arranging interviews can be difficult, especially when dealing with multiple people and multiple rounds. We are happy to take this responsibility on, including arranging with EAs, Human Resources and the Candidates to find the most suitable time for everyone. We are also happy to provide advice and preparation to both the candidate and the client during these stages so that both may feel prepared and confident before meeting.


Once an offer has been extended, we provide mediation between the candidate and client to ensure both parties are satisfied; negotiating and providing advice throughout. We also take it upon ourselves to supervise the resignation and placement of the candidate so they may make the transition smoothly.

We pride ourselves in maintaining long-standing relationships which means, post placement, we keep in contact with both the client and candidate to ensure no issues arise and the placement is going well.