Discover how using the Found!™ Hiring System can create more alignment, more productivity, and more satisfaction in your business.


Via 6 tested and refined online modules, you will be guided by our CEO William Laitinen — an industry expert with two decades of recruiting and building international leadership teams.

The Found!™ Course empowers you to:

  • ALIGN YOUR TEAMS by having a hiring practice that everyone understands and trusts.
  • BUILD A WORLD-CLASS RECRUITMENT CULTURE which delivers candidates that are consistently in line with the exceptional standard that your business needs.
  • SAVE TIME — AND DELIVER BETTER RESULTS because you’ll understand the principles we use to generate £millions in fees, and that can be tailored to serve any industry.

What is Found!™?

We have created the Found!™ system so that it works for all types of businesses, no matter the sector or business size. The methodology will be effective if you are a multi-national who’s hiring methodology has become fragmented and needs harmonisation. Equally it will work if this is your first team and you want a firm foundation on which to build your business.

This content delivers across all levels of ability because it teaches you the principles of great recruitment, not a dogmatic set of tactics. Excellent recruitment is all about people. And we’re going to show you how to implement a people focused program that will deliver world class results for you and your business in JUST six weeks.

If you have hired before you will know it can be extremely satisfying and rewarding to find outstanding talent. Yet, when hiring goes wrong it’s painful and expensive to correct, even so, very few are shown the principles that underpin outstanding recruitment.  It’s really hard to admit you need help when there is a prevailing culture that just expects you to understand how to hire great people. Leaving you to figure it out, or search the internet for hidden principles.

The Found!™ System was created in response to demand from people just like you. Our first program was launched with a multi-billion global insurer, the success of that experiment informed our next evolutions with a global construction firm. That feedback and success resulted in the program we have today – a program that we know delivers. And we can’t wait to share with you.

What our students say

“I’ve been made to feel really comfortable in all sessions… Whilst I have been on great recruitment training before I do feel that these sessions are different to any I’ve had before by actually looking into the detail more making you more mindful of what you’re trying to get / how to better sell the position.”
Jenny R.
"These 6 weeks session was very intense and very instructive for me. The take always are going far beyond just the improvement of the recruiting process and have already a very constructive impact on my management skills. Many thanks to Matthew and the teams for the quality of the exchange on a personal and professional level. "
Marc L.

How does Found!™ Deliver?

  • By creating connections with candidates in just 5 minutes.
  • By asking the RIGHT interview questions.
  • By listening for the most important answers.
  • By selling the aspects of your job that people really care about.

We deliver the program with less than 2 hours a week commitment. Through a set of easily understood modules that can fit around your weekly commitments – which are designed to make impact immediately.

The sessions can be listened to on a walk or watched at your desk, they take just 20 – 30 minutes. With activities designed to be fun, effective, and interesting. But remember; the more you give the more you get. We have additional material that you can use to deep dive, and a collection of documents created over many years.

The Found!™ Method works because it’s designed to fit the circumstances YOU face in YOUR business.

After the first lesson on how to create an introduction, you’ll immediately see the difference during interview (and even with your colleagues and clients). After 6 weeks, you will enter interviews with an entirely new level of confidence and understanding. You’ll achieve more in a 1 hour interview then others over many weeks. Candidates will leave the interviews with confidence you’re a boss and a company they want to work for because you create a process focused on them.

By design, our process is methodical — so it can be taught. And it’s time-tested, so you know it works.

Meet Your Instructor

The program is delivered by William Laitinen, CEO, Founder and Chief Recruiter at Exige. William has been running successful talent searches since 2001, placing executive level candidates in global corporations worth billions.

William also Hosts the “Talent Equals” podcast, where he interviews CEOs from the worlds most highly valued start-ups, industry leaders of multi-billion listed companies, and New York Times best-selling authors to understand what it takes to really develop world class businesses and teams.

Working with fast growing companies as a Talent Advisor, William shares the Found!™ Method with companies looking transform their businesses and secure £m in funding through the recruitment of world class performers.  

Found!™ Participants can ask questions and get feedback with their progress during weekly “strategy sessions” with William. Students submit their questions and experiences, and William records answers for your later listening.