The Found Recruitment Program

The only system you need to find outstanding talent —

without dragging yourself away from your business

If you are a hiring manager or team leader, you know that finding great people is essential to your professional growth.

You ALSO know that finding great people is hard.

Because you’ve tried.
Several times.

You thought recruitment would be simpler if you tackled it in-house — so you took on the search yourself.

Ultimately, it was…


It left you depleted and time-starved, unable to keep up with your core responsibilities


After weeks of research and interviews, you still found yourself with a vacant role…and a team in limbo


Because after thinking you found the right talent, you realized (rather quickly) that you could have done better.

Did you know?

The average executive search takes 44.7 working days — or 8.8 weeks.

DHI Group, Hiring Indicators Report, September 2017

(That’s 1073 hours — and 20% of your entire year.)

It’s an awful lot of time to invest… and an awful lot to risk if you
get the wrong person.

Sure, you could hire recruitment specialists like Exige

…and enjoy a 98% success rate, the way our clients do.

(It’s why they come back to us, again and again.)

But can you afford to hire a headhunter each time you need to fill a role?

The cost adds up fast.

And you don’t want to end up paying a premium (£25,000 at minimum) every time you need new talent.

You know you have what it takes.

If you only knew:

which questions to ask

which resumes to hold onto

which words to use to describe the position…

If you knew how to target the right people and hone in on exactly what you needed, you could…

Get the job done yourself, quickly and efficiently

Save up to £50,000 per search

And you’d still be able to leave the office on time.

What if you could do exactly that — using the same system we use to hire only the BEST people?

What if you could access the secrets of efficient, effective hiring — while still having time to run your business?

What if you could learn to build a fail-proof
recruitment process that:

Didn’t consume your workday — and your life
(so you could focus on what you do best)

Allowed you to easily brief all stakeholders
(so everyone was on the same page)

Yielded good people reliably
(so you didn’t have to feel a pit in your stomach each time.)

Introducing… Found!™

The ultimate training program for CEOs, hiring managers, and team leaders who want to hire faster, better, and smarter — without spending weeks

Found!™ is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind online course designed to help you build a successful, repeatable recruitment system using the industry’s most proven shortcuts & tools.

Via six packed modules crafted by our CEO William Laitinen — an industry authority with two decades of experience who has successfully placed candidates for some of the world’s largest corporations and most demanding roles — Found!™ empowers you to:

Save weeks of your life — with better results

because you’re not scrabbling in the dark; you’re following a system

Build a world-class recruitment process

that you can easily replicate and delegate, across multiple teams

Stand out against the competition

by growing your organisation with only the most exceptional candidates.

Meet Your Instructor

I’m William Laitinen, CEO and Chief Recruiter at Exige. I’ve been running successful talent searches for Exige since 2001, placing dozens of high level executives in global corporations worth billions. I also present on hiring and related topics at corporate events across Europe.

Why am I qualified to teach you?

Because over 20 years of headhunting, 10,000+ interviews, and hundreds of successful placements, I’ve developed a tried-and-true process with predictably reliable results — and I want the same for you.

“When you have the right research, you can make every profile happen”

When it comes to recruitment, the art lies in understanding candidate markets — and how to source people. It’s all about research capabilities, and when you have the right research or sourcing capabilities, you can make every profile happen. Exige delivers that in their highest excellence.

— Patricia Turk, HR Director, Canada Goose International

“A holistic system”

The Exige system doesn’t just match word-for-word job descriptions to profiles; it uses a more holistic perspective. Exige looks at not only the profile but also the culture of the company, the personality of the supervisor, and other less tangible factors. This is how they are able to consistently come up with excellent candidates within a matter of weeks.”

— Sascha Weber, Chief Financial Officer, Polustech

“Their understanding of recruitment is second to none”

I have had the pleasure of working with William and Exige on several occasions. The Exige experience and understanding of the recruitment market is second to none and has been demonstrated many times through their first class delivery of presentations to in-house recruitment professionals of all levels. I highly recommend the Exige system.

— Mark Lennox, Co-founder, In-house Recruitment

Reveal every secret of our time-tested process

(the one that’s enabled us to achieve a 98% placement rate)


The only truly effective online programs are the ones that offer:


— so you actually get through the modules and consume all content


— so you actually implement what you’ve learned


— so you take immediate action (and don’t let the ideas fester)

That’s why our program is 100% coach-led with a strongly guided and supported process — making sure you complete the content, implement successfully, and get maximum value.

When you enroll in Found!™, you get:

Weekly 1:1 strategy calls

Recruit faster and better with a dedicated coach who will support your implementation — and address organisation-specific challenges — with weekly 1:1 coaching calls and steady availability via email or Slack.

Available in beta round only!

Weekly 1:1 strategy calls

Recruit faster and better with a dedicated coach who will support your implementation — and address organisation-specific challenges — with weekly 1:1 coaching calls and steady availability via email or Slack.

Available in beta round only!

Six packed video trainings

Clear, engaging, crafted presentations that give you immediately implementable tools — and cover everything you need to know to hire well.

Weekly group calls with the course creator

Weekly group calls with CEO William Laitinen, so you get direct access to — and unambiguous guidance from — the founder himself.

Available in beta round only!

Weekly group calls with the course creator

Weekly group calls with CEO William Laitinen, so you get direct access to — and unambiguous guidance from — the founder himself.

Available in beta round only!

Complimentary access to live training events

Enjoy lifetime access to all Exige workshops and training events, so you can network with other hiring managers, further improve your skills, and get on-the-spot direction to address new organisational challenges.


Three exclusive bonuses to give you hands-on, interactive application opportunities with your team

Because the best learning happens experientially.

Interviewing Card Game

so you can master the art of interviewing…and enjoy it

Mock Interview Exercise

so you can practice your skills in real time

Exige Question Vault

so you can access all our templates & hundreds of interview questions

“What will I learn in the Found!™ program?”
Access a robust system giving you every tool you need to (easily) find top candidates in 6 weeks or less



Starting on the Right Foot

Pave the Way to Success with a Carefully Crafted Introduction


Create an outstanding introduction you can use in interview and with stakeholders.


Learn how to build rapport for meaningful and authentic conversations.


Set the tone for the interview so it will be productive and successful.





The Makings of the Perfect System

Build a Fail-Proof Process that Keeps Giving


Learn the Exige Motivational System to attract and retain talented employees.


Build a clear set of criteria that everyone in your organisation knows to look out for.


Set up a system that runs reliably even when you’re not in the office.





Asking the Right Questions

Design an Effective Interview with Insight-Generating Questions


Create interview questions to effectively test what you need in a candidate.


Access the system we use to generate great questions in just a few minutes.


Phrase your questions the right way, to give each candidate a chance to show their best side.





Anatomy of the Interview

Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time


Establish a structured process that allows deeper understanding of a candidate’s answers.


Acquire a simple method for categorisation enabling effective hiring decisions.


Build a clear set of defined interview questions to get all the data points you need.





Making an Irresistible Offer

Crafting a Pitch your Ideal Candidate can’t Refuse


Understand the importance of a sell in an introduction.


Learn how to listen out for a candidate’s motivation to move.


Utilise the Exige Motivational System, to pitch your company effectively.





Choosing the Right Candidate

Making Critical Decisions with Clarity and Confidence


Secure effective leaders


Secure effective leaders


Secure effective leaders



Found!™ is the perfect fit if you…

Don’t have time to dedicate to a search AND run a business or team


Dread interviewing candidates — you see it as a chore


Can’t figure out why your best candidates drop out after the first interview


Struggle to sell your brand to candidates — resulting in embarrassing dropout rates


Want to improve your hiring skills so you can be a more effective leader.

How much time and money is DIY recruitment currently costing you?

Sure, you could do it on your own, and….

Struggle through the process

Dread every interview

Question your decisions, constantly.

OR…you could learn from the pros, stop second-guessing yourself — and start hiring with confidence

It’s not magic —
it’s science

Finding the best-fit candidate is not about luck or mind-reading.

It’s about taking the right steps, every time.

We’re regular people who’ve developed an amazingly accurate process for identifying and hiring the ideal candidate.

Our process includes extensive:

Researching some more

By design, our process is methodical — so it can be taught.

And it’s time-tested, so you know it works.

“The Exige System Stands Out”

I’ve worked with many different recruitment companies over the last years. Exige stands out from the other suppliers through its extremely efficient process, higher quality candidates, and faster time frame. These factors offer a competitive advantage and help me provide first class support to my internal clients.

Claudio Nagib Calcada, Group Head Talent Management, LafargeHolcim Group

“Uniquely Effective System”

The Exige system is uniquely effective. I have had the pleasure of working with William and Exige on several occasions, both as a candidate and recruiter. At every step, the support from Exige proved to be first class all the way from initial guidance to final delivery. William establishes long term relationships, partnering with his clients through trust and mutual understanding. I can recommend William and the Exige System highly.

— Véronique McCarroll, Head of Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships, Mobile Finance Europe, Orange

Frequently Asked Questions

What hiring managers have asked
before investing in our program

Who is this program for?

This course is only for leaders who realize the importance of hiring well and want to be involved in the recruitment process. Great leaders have to be great recruiters, because people are the only true asset a company has. So if you want to take on a more active recruiting role, we want you.

How much time will I need to invest in this program?

This program is a 6-week program. Expect each module to take approximately 30 minutes per day (or 3.5 hours per week), split between the videos, group calls, and follow-up activities.

In total, you’ll spend about 28 hours:

  • 6 × 1hr weekly group calls = 6 hrs
  • 6 modules × 2.5hr each module (videos + activities) = 15 hrs
Can my entire team take the course together?

Yes! The course includes group activities to include team members in the process; you just need to purchase one course per hiring manager.

Will I get to speak to William directly?

Yes. You’ll be able to meet with William each week during a group video call, where you can submit questions and get direct answers.

I’m not in the UK. Can I still benefit from your program?

Absolutely. Found! Was made for companies across the globe; in fact, a significant portion of our clients are based in Western Europe, including, Switzerland, France, and Germany.

What if I enroll, then discover that the program is not for me?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you complete all the modules, and still don’t feel you’ve received value, you can request your money back within 60 days and get a full refund.

Can this program be linked in with my company LMS?

We are able to adapt to your needs and fit our programme into your LMS, ensuring that you are not replicating your existing materials and there is consistency of delivery throughout your company.

What’s standing between you and
your ideal candidate?

Only the tools you need to recruit right

You are done hiring people who…

don’t do the job well

don’t fit the company culture

don’t last in the position.

And when these people leave (or are terminated), you are tired of going through the process again.

Here’s the thing:
you don’t have to put yourself through this.

Hiring well doesn’t have to be hard.

After completing Found!™, you will never find yourself

Lost in a deluge of CV files and letters

Overwhelmed and flustered with the interview process

Unprepared for tough questions from a candidate

Regretting the new hire you spent hours recruiting.

And we’ll never again offer this program with this abundance of 1:1 guidance & direction: our beta round offers one-time-only features including weekly group calls with our CEO and a dedicated coach for ongoing mentoring.

You can struggle…
or you can choose the easier path

Our approach to hiring is a gold standard that never fails.

It’s the reason successful global companies seek us out to fill their openings.

And when you’re armed with our process, you’ll be able to:


Build a better team, so your business runs smoothly, at optimal speed


Hire with less hassle, so you feel less stressed and more empowered


Fill positions faster, so you have more time to dedicate to your actual job.

Learning smarter hiring practices will make your job easier…and your life better.