Outstanding candidates don’t just show up

They’re the result of a time-tested process


What are you all about?

We learn everything about your organisation and vacancy so we can find the absolute best match.


Time for some hard work.

We gather 15,000 profiles and manually screen out only the 3-5 best for your shortlist.


You’re getting closer.

We prepare your candidates and arrange multiple rounds of interviews with stakeholders.


Let’s make a deal!

We expertly mediate between your team and the candidate to ensure both parties feel like celebrating.

Our Methodology




You can’t find the perfect match if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

That’s why every successful search starts with an exhaustive discovery process.

We’ll start with a collaborative interview that zeros in on the crucial aspects of your role.

During this interview, we’ll build a detailed brief that allows us to fully understand:

  • Your culture
  • Your goals
  • Your candidate requirements:
    • Full role description
    • Key competencies
    • Ideal personality traits
    • Market area
    • Target companies.

Using this information, we develop an appealing (and, if required, anonymised) job description that will engage and retain excellent candidates.


Deliverable: a detailed job description that perfectly reflects your candidate requirements and company culture.

“It’s not only about finding the right skill set; it’s about conveying a brand story. Exige makes sure to understand the culture of the company, the role itself, and the kind of personality we are looking for. People want to work with Exige because they get the job done right.”

— Patricia Turk, HR Director, Canada Goose International




Now that we fully understand your team’s needs, we can start the real grind.

Using our extensive network and proven executive search methods, we gather 15,000 profiles that precisely match your job description.

Then, we filter them down to a longlist of 200 — reviewing each profile manually to ensure no good candidate slips through. After several more rounds of research, we whittle that group down to a shortlist of 3-5 exceptional candidates.

You never have to worry about wasting time with low-quality candidates, because every name on that list has gone through 3 detailed layers of screening:

  • Evidence gathering
  • Phone interview
  • In-depth interviews.
How long does this process take?

You can expect the shortlist within 4-8 weeks. We’re able to deliver fast results because we’ve honed our method over years.

Will I hear from you during this process?

Absolutely. Expect a weekly update document letting you know:

  • How many candidates we’ve researched
  • How many candidates we’ve interviewed by phone
  • Which candidates will be considered for the shortlist.

You get regular, reliable communication throughout, so you’re never left wondering where you stand in the process.


– A shortlist of 3-5 outstanding candidates.
– Comprehensive update reports, sent weekly.

“Too often, what you receive from search agencies is a data dump. And they judge their success by how many candidates they can dump on you. But as the client, you’re not interested in that. Because if you have to rule out 75% of the candidates yourself, you’re left feeling, “Isn’t this what I’m paying for? Somebody to apply an intelligent filtering?” Exige was willing to do that, and was better able to do that because they had invested the time in understanding my business and priorities. They filtered the candidates carefully, so I was left with only the absolute best to consider.”

— James Baird, Former Senior Client Partner, Deloitte




Let’s face it: interview scheduling is a hassle.

When you’re dealing with multiple people, multiple rounds and (often) multiple countries, coordinating interviews gets complicated. That’s why we take the burden off your shoulders.

We coordinate with EAs, Human Resources, and your candidates to find the most suitable time for everyone.

Then, we spend hours preparing both Client and Candidate for the interview.

Why? Because rock-solid preparation ensures that….
  • Your interviewees present their best selves —
    and you don’t have to worry about losing a good candidate due to one bad meeting
  • No time is wasted —
    because you don’t have to discuss technical or background information that could have been covered before
  • Your candidates feel great about the experience —
    so even if the role doesn’t work out, they leave with improved interviewing skills…and positive brand associations.

– Scheduled interviews for all candidates
– Written & verbal preparation for both Client and Candidate.

“As both a hiring manager and candidate, I have never seen a recruitment firm that prepares the candidate with this level of detail. You feel like you’re teaming up with William on this process; you have a coach beside you who can guide you through the interview process — answering questions, and giving you the comfort that you’re not going it alone. The level of engagement with the candidate is incredibly high.”

— Sascha Weber, Chief Financial Officer, Polustech




The stakes are high — and this is where our relationship-driven approach wins the day.

Once you’ve extended an offer to a candidate, we draw on years of experience — and rich interpersonal skills — to provide expert mediation between both parties.

You can expect sound negotiating guidance and ongoing advice to navigate sticky situations and ensure a mutually satisfying outcome. Candidates trust us — because we’ve earned that trust through hours of correspondence and interviews.

We also supervise your candidate’s resignation and placement so they can make the transition smoothly.

And even once your vacancy has been filled, you’ll be seeing us around: we stay in touch post-placement to make sure everyone is happy: your manager, your hiree, and the entire team.

Why? Because we’re here to create deeply satisfied clients… and enduring relationships.


Deliverables: An outstanding leader who will drive critical innovation in your organisation.

“In any business transaction, the relationship piece is huge. It’s always about the trust, the connection, to feel that the other person has your best interests and is committed to delivering the best results. That’s how we felt when working with William and his team, at every step.”

— Stephanie Weisenberger, HR Director at Swiss Re

When you need a recruitment partner who does the hard work (all of it)

During an average Exige search over 4-8 weeks, we…




candidates to a longlist


hours of interviews


hours creating applications


candidates for a shortlist

“I feel confident presenting the shortlist to stakeholders”

As a candidate, I experienced a very methodical selection process with proper interviews; Exige checked into everything I’d achieved in the past. So when I eventually needed to hire for my own team, I knew who I wanted to work with. When Exige presents me with a list of candidates, I know there is a huge amount of work behind it, and I feel confident presenting it to stakeholders. Their selection is not vague, it’s not shallow. It is something with a lot of substance.

Claudio Nagib Calcada, HR Business Partner / Executive Development