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Thank you for 15 years


Thank you for 15 years.

I was 20 and broke, but with a burning desire to make something of my remaining 60 trips around the Sun. I decided to give it a go and Exige International was born.

In those early days, I relied on the good will of family and friends. Forever they will have my respect and love for this precious support. Thank you.

While I receive the congratulations; the success of Exige International has truly been about everyone else.

It’s been the amazing colleagues who work HARD day in, day out, through good and bad. Investing their life energy to help make OUR business into something special. Thank you.

To my amazing wife and business partner. Who stays up late to listen to the worries about cash flow and that difficult client. Sharing our quiet failures and loud celebrations. Thank you.

And let’s not forget our clients. You took a chance on a fresh faced, unfinished Headhunter. You have been brave. You have been kind. You have been demanding. You have been unfair – but all of you have been teachers. Thank you.

The last 15 years have been more than just business. It’s been my life. It has made me who I am.

Thank you!

Here’s to another 15 trips around the Sun.