This planet belongs to all of us.

Let’s take care of it, together.

Idyllic. Rugged. Enchanting.

That’s Devon countryside.

We’re lucky enough to live and work in a place that looks like that all the time.

But it’s more than just beauty. The towering, age-old trees just outside our window protect us and nurture us.


  • capture carbon dioxide and pump out vital oxygen for us to breathe
  • bear the brunt of storms, sheltering our landscape… and our homes
  • ground the soil with their tangles of roots, enabling modern agriculture to thrive
  • nurture hugely complex and systemically important insects & keystone species.
Trees support the intricate circle of life.
They are what make the Earth our home.

Can we preserve our children’s future?

Our forests sustain our very existence.

So we felt we could give a little back too.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our commitment to the world:

10% of revenue from every Exige search fee is donated to protect our forests.

Because we need our forests — and our children need them even more.

Diminishing Forests

Go back in time hundreds of years, and you’d see acres and acres of lush green forests — about 6 billion hectares worth.

Today that number is just 4 billion hectares. And we’re losing 5 million hectares more each year. Trees all over the world have been cut down to make way for people, for housing and farmland, for industry.

Cleaning the Air

Along with oceans, plants, and soil, forests are carbon sinks.

They absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air and remove it from the environment.

But with fewer trees and increasingly smaller forest cover, there’s more:

  • circulating carbon dioxide
  • noxious greenhouse gases
  • heat trapped in our atmosphere.

Search with Purpose — and save 40 acres of forest

When you choose us for your executive search, you get the best candidates for your company… and you make a significant, lasting impact on the environment.
(10% of your fee)
acres of forest
which absorbs
cars’ worth of emissions
That’s more than 15 rugby fields of trees.
  • Oxygen-producing
  • Carbon-absorbing
  • Life-supporting trees.

Bring back the trees

Organizations across the world are doing critical work for the planet, reforesting regions like the:

  • Amazon
  • temperate rainforests in North America
  • old growth rainforests in Southeast Asia.

And we’re donating to these worthy causes.

We do our research to make sure they’re well-managed, high quality charities: organizations like the Rainforest Trust, Great Bear Rainforest or Ancient Forest Alliance, that fight to protect and preserve these ever-important areas.

  • Our Goal

    help preserve these important carbon sinks, to turn back the tide of climate change and save our beautiful world for the next generation.

Saving the planet begins at home.

And every little bit counts.

At Exige, we’re working hard to do our part. In addition to our contributions to reforestation, we’ve made strides in cutting our personal carbon footprint. Some of the steps we’ve taken:

  • Shifting our electricity to renewable sources
  • Minimizing use of plastics and disposables
  • Purchasing carbon offsets whenever we travel by plane… and only flying when it’s absolutely necessary.

We invite our partner corporations to each take small steps to better our world.

Because the responsibility lies on us all.