Exige Candidate Experience

Respect is never an extra

Does the word “headhunter” make you feel tense?

The recruitment industry has a bad rep — for good reason.

Most headhunters employ a purely transactional approach: screen, interview, rinse, repeat.

In many cases, they treat the candidate downright poorly:


Spotty communication


Empty promises


Cold treatment


Insufficient vetting


Rushed interviews that lead to enormous wasted time and letdown.

What if things could be different?

What if the words “job search” didn’t have to be synonymous with “humiliation” and “disappointment?”

What if recruitment didn’t have to be so painful?
At Exige, candidates have learned to expect a supportive, empowering experience that transforms the way they view recruitment firms.

Our approach is all about relationships. We’re not just focused on the result; we’re here to create a warm, positive experience for both clients & candidates.

Thanks to exceptional coaching and responsiveness, our candidates feel we are genuine partners; they know we have their absolute best interests: we will do whatever we can to ensure the very best outcome for their career.

That’s why so many of our candidates become clients.

“Instrumental coaching and guidance.”

I first got in touch with Exige over one year ago when they approached me about a new job opportunity. Throughout the process, Will and his team provided me with great guidance in terms of interview preparation and deep understanding of the brand & role. He also negotiated on my behalf. Throughout the past year as I settled into my new role, Will stayed close to my progress and his role evolved into coaching. Our conversations are frequent and meaningful and take a holistic approach to a wide array of topics — from giving and receiving feedback, becoming a better leader, and feeling more confident and courageous as a professional. His coaching has been instrumental in my current role and I’m certain it will continue to be of great value as I continue to grow.

— Janne van der Laan, Senior Marketing Manager International, Canada Goose

“I know my candidates are being treated with the respect they deserve.”

As a candidate, I worked with firms who treated candidates very poorly — you were just another number. Interviews were not done properly, candidates were passed through after just one nice conversation…they wasted people’s time and money. William did exactly the opposite with me. That’s why, when a vacancy opened, I said ‘I’m calling William.’ I know my candidates are being treated with the respect they deserve, because I personally experienced that with Exige.

— Claudio Nagib Calcada, HR Business Partner / Executive Development

“You were guiding me, helping make it happen”

From the moment we started, I felt you were guiding me, helping me to make it happen. Other headhunters would give me interview details and that was it — I was on my own. With Exige, we prepared together, we discussed together. You analyzed my background and CV, and offered advice throughout the process. It was a completely different experience.

— Mirela Dimofte, COO, iptiQ

Seeking a new position?

Seeking a new position?

Step into the interview with confidence

One bad interview can ruin your chances.

We make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our candidate preparation process is completely unique; no other firm in the industry offers this level of coaching and support.

We spend at least 1-2 hours prepping candidates before the interview. Clients tell us: “Your candidates know who we are; they have questions prepared, we had a productive conversation; we didn’t have to spend time messing around with the fundamentals.”

Our exhaustive preparation process ensures that candidates show their absolute best, and that no time is wasted on technical details.

Say NO to surprises

When you spend 8 hours a day with people, you want to make sure they are the right people. What is the company philosophy? What is the team culture? What do they value in a leader?

At Exige, we communicate every role detail with accuracy and depth, so there are zero surprises:

  • Job description
  • Company objective
  • Company expectations
  • Team culture + personalities
  • Brand values.

Using precise words and vivid descriptions, we paint a picture that is exactly reflective of reality.
So there are no disappointments or curveballs — just happily met expectations.

Feel good about the experience

The extra attention we give candidates — via improved interviewing skills and personal guidance — leaves them feeling great about the experience… even if it’s a no. This is key to maintaining the company’s good reputation among potential candidates.

At the end of the day, everyone wins: candidates feel supported and empowered, and hiring managers feel peace of mind — knowing they have a trusted ambassador representing their brand in the marketplace.

“Exige has changed my perception of the industry”

I’ve worked with many different recruiters and have never experienced such a professional, human approach to supporting candidates. Exige’s extensive preparation work allowed me to get familiar with the questions, feel confident in the moment, and show the best version of myself. They even followed up with me post-placement. And whatever they said to describe the company and position turned out to be 100% true. Exige has completely changed my perception of recruiters; recruiters should take example of what they do.

— Sarah Delporte, Senior Marketing Manager, Canada Goose

“They truly deliver on their promise”

From the moment I got in touch with William and his team, I truly felt they delivered on their promise of “the art and science of recruitment.” The human and personal approach were of indispensable value: they provided me with detailed information, thorough preparation, and guidance from beginning to end, allowing me to focus on my interviews and increase my chances to succeed.

Working with them has been a wonderful experience, both professionally and personally.

— Janne van der Laan, Senior Marketing Manager International at Canada Goose

What Exige Alumni are Saying

“Entirely consistent with what they’d heard”

The candidates told me they trusted Will — because when they met me, they saw that my vision and style were entirely consistent with the way Will had outlined it. This helped build their confidence in a way that a more anonymous process with people who were several degrees detached from it could not have achieved.

— James Baird, Former Senior Client Partner, Deloitte

“The level of engagement is incredibly high.”

As both a hiring manager and candidate, I have never seen a recruitment firm that prepares the candidate with this level of detail. You feel like you’re teaming up with William on this process; you have a coach beside you who can guide you through the interview process — answering questions, and giving you the comfort that you’re not going it alone. The level of engagement with the candidate is incredibly high.

— Sascha Weber, Chief Financial Officer, Polustech

Seeking a new position?

Seeking a new position?