Qualifications are important.

Diversity and equality are important too

We embrace diversity in our candidate pool — and in our own team.

What do Emel Can and Veronique McCarroll have in common?

  • Emel Can

    Partner at Deloitte

  • Veronique McCarroll

    former Partner at McKinsey

Both found their senior placements through our firm.

Today, both are clients.

That’s because we’ve committed to equality in every search — for the past 20 years.

  • No tokenism
  • No stereotypes
  • Just outstanding candidates

A Story of Swiss Diversity

Recently, a world-leading Swiss financial institution sought to expand, but received no female applications.

They asked us to diversify their all-male team.

As we put together a female-only shortlist, our priority was finding the most qualified, best-fit candidate for the role.

Gender — like location or language proficiency — was just another requirement we had to meet.

After an extensive search, we successfully presented a shortlist of excellent candidates — with 100% confidence in their suitability.


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Half the population,
(more than) half of our candidates

In 2018, 64% of our placed candidates were female
Our own team is 75% female

Did you know?

In Switzerland, under the right circumstances, it is legal to exclusively hire women for a position.

Diversity starts at home

Within our own walls, equality reigns

We’re an equal opportunity employer — and we bake those values into our internal hiring process. Our 3-stage interview process keeps our diversity ratio in check:

  • Stage One

    Meet with Samantha Smart, our Search Manager

  • Stage Two

    Meet with Fiona Laitinen, our Director

  • Stage Three

    Meet with William Laitinen, our Managing Director

This process is time-consuming and rigorous but worthwhile — because it identifies and minimizes any unconscious biases.

And we end up with the most qualified workforce — which, today, is 60% female.

Are women underrepresented in IT?

We know the answer — and you won’t like it.

Equality and diversity are so important to us, we take time to study them — and share what we’ve learned.

Starting with a critical modern field — computer science — we surveyed five major Swiss universities and a number of current students to quantify disparities.

Some of the eye-opening facts we discovered:

  • Only 16% of all IT workers in Europe are female
  • Less than 15% of students in IT programs are female
  • 70% of those female students drop out of computer science degrees.

Why are women getting left behind in IT?

We’ve compiled a report of our findings, plus the solutions we propose to narrow that gap. Enter your info below to get the full report — and become part of the change.

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    Get insight into your own diversity

    How diverse is your candidate pool?

    When you work with us, we keep accurate, detailed records allowing us to demonstrate that your search is unbiased and diverse.

    Gender Diversity

    We’ll give you a breakdown of gender diversity at every stages of our search. This provides transparency into the recruitment process, as well as a simple way to identify where candidates are dropping out of the funnel.

    Geographic Diversity

    Need candidates with experience in different countries? At every stage in our search process, you will see a geographical candidate comparison. This helps identify the need for further longlisting, and sets expectations for our shortlist.