You have many projects in the pipeline.

Does your team have the capacity to fill so many complex roles?

If you’re an HR Director, you know that partnering with a recruitment firm is not about lack of in-house competence or speed — it’s about being realistic with your team’s capacity.

Ultimately, using a firm with a proven track record is a cheaper and more efficient option.

When you work with Exige, you…

Fill the role

faster, with precision & expedience — so less workplace disruption

Pay less

in the long run than you would exhausting your own resources

Earn the recognition

of senior management for delivering outstanding candidates.

Your Success

How much will the wrong candidate cost you — and your reputation?

How much do you stand to lose on a…

lengthy recruitment process that produces irrelevant candidates?

mediocre candidate who cannot drive the innovation your company needs?

poor-fit hire who leads to months of lost productivity…and an expensive search all over again?

The right recruitment partner can change the trajectory of your company — and your career.

When you work with Exige, you are assured:

hundreds of hours of careful research

stellar service of a small boutique firm

hundreds of hours of careful research

hundreds of hours of careful research

hundreds of hours of careful research

“Exige is really eager to deliver”

“William and the Exige team are knowledgeable, interesting, easy-to-work-with… and also fun. The relationship piece is a huge part. It’s always about the trust, to feel that the other person has your best interests and is committed to delivering the best results. Over the years, I’ve learned to work only with people who are eager to deliver. Exige is really eager to deliver, and you feel that.”

— Stephanie Weisenberger, HR Director at Swiss Re