You have many projects in the pipeline.

Does your team have the capacity to fill so many complex roles?

If you’re an HR Director, you know that partnering with a recruitment firm is not about lack of in-house competence or speed — it’s about being realistic with your team’s capacity.

Ultimately, using a firm with a proven track record is a cheaper and more efficient option.

When you work with Exige, you…

  • Fill the role

    faster, with precision & expedience — so less workplace disruption
  • Pay less

    in the long run than you would exhausting your own resources
  • Earn the recognition

    of senior management for delivering outstanding candidates.
Your Success

How much will the wrong candidate cost you — and your reputation?

How much do you stand to lose on a…

  • lengthy recruitment process that produces irrelevant candidates?
  • mediocre candidate who cannot drive the innovation your company needs?
  • poor-fit hire who leads to months of lost productivity…and an expensive search all over again?

The right recruitment partner can change the trajectory of your company — and your career.

When you work with Exige, you are assured:

  • hundreds of hours of careful research

  • stellar service of a small boutique firm

  • direct involvement of the CEO at all times

  • diverse candidates from across Europe

  • an outstanding shortlist of excellent people

“Not just another assignment”

With a huge company, you inevitably become an account, not a client. We knew that wouldn’t happen with Exige. We felt deeply that William and his team were keen to prove themselves. We were not going to be treated as one more assignment; we would get careful attention, and they would do their absolute best for us. And that’s what happened.
Fragiscos Anevlavis, HR Business Partner at Swiss Re