Financial Services Specialists

Our specialty lies with companies in the financial services sector:




But we’re open to working with any growing, innovative team. Since 2001, we’ve worked with diverse industries ranging from fashion to construction to robotics.

Companies we’ve been privileged to serve

Swiss Re

Zurich Insurance




McKinsey & Company

Oliver Wyman


Canada Goose

Lafarge Holcim




You cannot afford to be left behind

Today’s global financial companies know they must innovate…or die.

Innovation is driving rapid, massive change.

Today, there is a new generation of customers who have entirely different habits.

84% of Europeans pursue digital banking regularly

63% of Europeans use mobile banking apps from traditional banks, one in five from digital-only banks

More than half of Europeans say they will consider switching to a digital bank at some point

95% of start-ups have digital business plans.

New market entrants could outdate your business model…
in a matter of months.

You need to react and change.

You need different people to move your business forward.

The right talent can
make it or break it

When you need to

move quickly and avoid becoming obsolete

build a new model or digitalise current offerings

maintain your brand’s strong competitive edge

the right talent becomes essential.

That’s why our clients come to us.

Our clients know: at this critical stage, the right talent can change the entire company trajectory.

They choose Exige’s bespoke executive search because they need to know — with complete certainty — that they will land the most outstanding leaders for the job.

Do you need exceptional talent to move your organisation forward?