Transform Through Talent

We work with Leaders, Creators, & Founders to realise the team they need to make substantive and scaled impact on the world.

Our team is at home in the chaos of creation, helping to guide our partners to realise the people they need. Once the dance of creation is complete, we synthesis and manifest the requirements, and then act through our systematic search methodology we continue to refine these past 20 years.  

We provide access to our worldwide network of outstanding people who want to build and grow outstanding ideas in world changing companies. 

Radical Advice

Founders and Creators are making the extraordinary. They deserve guides who empower their creativity, making clear the unclear, capturing their magic and translating into action.

Will Laitinen has been working with the world’s most talented people for 2 decades helping shape their people strategy through growth and restructuring advise. It’s what he loves doing.

Our advice comes from standing on the shoulders of the extraordinary. Insights of the best and most radically brilliant people captured and synthesised into mental models that give our partners a new point of view – a clarity of direction to transform the world.

Working with the unique needs of the creators we serve, our objective is to ensure the entrepreneurs’ extraordinary creation comes to life through exceptional people.    


We do more than invest – we help manifest. Through the power of capital and service we help the most creative and driven Founders bring to life world changing ideas that will help our planet.

Our investment is designed to help companies who are transforming the paradigm affecting our Mother Earth. Through innovation in climate technology, plant research, forest protection, poverty alleviation, and waste / recycling.

If you are a Founder, Creator or Leader looking to change the world – reach out our team.